About Us

Thank you for visiting my store . I am an authorized distributor of BEAUTéDERM products from Chicago, Illnois . A member of BEAUTéDERM Metro Manila Sales Force under Team BEAUTéFinds. My journey with this great skin care product started in March 2019. 

I’m a sucker of every skincare out there. From the cheapest to the most expensive kind/brand. Obagi (my on and off relationship for years lol), Clarins, Dermalogica, Kiehls, Lionesse, etc.... I am not by any chance gifted when it comes to donning my own make-up at all. Eyebrows, lipstick that’s the farthest I can go, and yes I’ve tried , many times but I always ended up looking like a Bozo🤡 😆. And although for the vast majority, skincare seems to come second to makeups/cosmetics coz it’s the “fast-fix,” we can only cover and defy nature and aging for so much. That is why I’m a firm believer that skincare is an absolute forefront of the cosmetics industry. Less is better. Skin first, make-up second. People tell me I’m blessed for having such great skin. True. Genes help. To some extent. But I myself being close to my 50’s (oh yes, the big FiveOh) have been finding it hard in keeping up with the “glow.” Until I came across BEAUTéDERM. Did my own research. Tried it myself , and in less than a week, I’m an instant convert ! Never have I had anything work as fast in such a short time as this. It’s a product worth sharing. It’s a product that truly delivers what it says it does. It’s a product that I am not ashamed of selling/endorsing. There’s truly a skincare Magic in Beautéderm. I am a believer.

Come join me in this Beautéful journey . Discover your beautéful YOU too. 

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