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Babe Moonbeam Daily Hair Spray 60ml or 150ml

Babe Moonbeam Daily Hair Spray 60ml or 150ml

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The secret to soft, supple, and manageable hair? Happy thoughts and Moonbeam - our new dreamy hair spray for Babe hair days ahead! 🌙✨

Say hello to your new daily hair spray that works twice as hard so you can have twice as much fun! 

Babe Moonbeam Spray is basically an upgrade of the Gleam Daily Hair Spray that you’ve come to love, with an improved formulation that contains protein and amino acids that works through your hair from root to tip , restoring lost keratin and repairing protein damage from chemical treatments . 

   Other things to gush about Moonbeam: 

Makes hair gorgeously healthy, soft and shiny 

Protects hair strands from further damage due to thermal treatments.

Gives an additional layer of protection against heat and UV rays 

Has hydrolyzed keratin, castor oil and a mild fragrance that gives your hair a bit more Babe hair day as always! 

DIRECTIONS: After using your favorite Babe shampoo and conditioner , towel dry hair then spray onto hair . For best best results, use after air-drying or before blow-drying for added protection against heat. 

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