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Cristaux Supreme 15ml Wrinkle Eraser

Cristaux Supreme 15ml Wrinkle Eraser

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Made with Passionfruit Extract, Chicory Root and Tara Gum, this marvel serum is clinically proven that may help in alleviating wrinkles, eye bags and skin discolorations.

  • Cristaux Supreme can be used once or twice a day, up to 7 days a wk.
  • As a rule of thumb, serums must be applied to a freshly cleaned and toned face; that is after applying Elixir Toner or Day & Night Toner.
  • Cristaux Supreme is best used with Elixir Set because both are all natural.

If used with Elixir Set
  • AM: Wash face, Elixir Toner, Cristaux Supreme, Sunblock Primer
  • PM: Wash face, Elixir Toner, Cristaux Supreme, Night Fix Creme

If used with Beaute Set
  • AM: Wash face, Day & Night Toner, Cristaux Supreme, Day Cream
  • PM: Wash face, Day & Night Toner, Cristaux Supreme, Night Creams
  • Note:If you already have a clear skin, you can also skip the night creams on alternate nights.


  1. Apply one drop to each section of your face and neck.
  2. Distribute across skin evenly in sweeping upwards motion.
  3. Use gently pressing motions on areas of particular concern.
  4. Finish by tapping skin gently, then proceed with the rest of your skin regimen.


Aqua, Caesalpinia, Spinosa Gum, Fragrance Oil, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Triehanolamine, Carbomer

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