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Evie Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser 240grams

Evie Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser 240grams

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Be kind to yourself, take time for your self-pampering with Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser and wear that crown like you can't take it off -- because you can't! So light up some candles, play your favorite music, zone out the negativity, and enjoy this hair care routine.

Cleanse your scalp.

Cleansing your scalp leads to a lot of hair care benefits. It stimulates hair follicles for hair growth by unclogging pores, removes toxin build-up from your hair care products, and treats scabbing that causes hair fall.

Set a routine.

This sustainable routine of hair cleansing and scalp massaging helps you incorporate self-care in your hectic life. Having a self-care routine will boost your happy hormones.


Prevent build-up.

Have you noticed your hair products aren't working anymore? It's a sign that you need to cleanse your hair!


Can help treat and prevent these hair and scalp problems : 

Greasy hair

Frizzy hair


Split Ends

Lack of volume 

Dull hair 

Hair loss

Itchy scalp

Dry Hair


Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser

Take a dollop of Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser
and take in its fragrant smell.
Massage on scalp for 1-2 mins.
Let the Sea Salt remove the dirt and
dandruff on your hair.
Rinse thoroughly. Repeat
2-3x a week.

What's in
Evie's Sea Salt Scalp Cleanser?
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE A safe and very mild organic compound derived from Coconut Oil that binds with dirt, oil and other debris. It's non-toxic
and non-irritating.
SODIUM CHLORIDE Acts as a natural and physical exfoliant
that removes dandruff and product build up. The scalp massaging process also encourages blood flow on the scalp
and promotes relaxation for a healthier scalp.

GLYCERIN A plant derived moisturizer that aids in hydrating the scalp and hair. It draws in moisture and prevents it from leaving
the scalp and hair follicles.
FRAGRANCE A safe and light-scented fragrance is added to enhance relaxation
during use.

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