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Klenzcol (formerly Tocoma) food supplement- colon cleanse

Klenzcol (formerly Tocoma) food supplement- colon cleanse

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Feeling heavy, constipated, and bloated? Try the new Klenzcol (Formerly Tocoma), a food supplement that helps in eliminating toxins and waste buildup in the intestines.

This all natural, plant-based powdered juice supplement helps avoid serious heath problems by addressing constipation and indigestion. In addition, it has the following health benefits:

    • Helps prevent bacterial diseases
    • Helps in regulating blood sugar
    • Helps in lowering cholesterol
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Reduces bloating
    • Helps improve immune function
    • Helps lower acid reflux
    • Helps in natural weight loss
    • Helps in overall detoxification
    • Helps relieve constipation
    • Helps prevent heart disease
  • Each box contains 7 sachets. Each sachet contains 11g of powdered drink.

    1. Pour 1 sachet into a glass of room temperature water.
    2. Mix well and drink 15 minutes before meal, once or twice daily.

    Note: For first time takers, you may take 1-2 weeks straight, one sachet daily. After that, you may take it ever other day or everyday if you feel more comfortable to drink it daily.

    • Oligosaccharide from fruits & veggies - 40%
    • Apple powder (Peel & Fresh) - 18%
    • Fruits and vegetables powder:
      • Oil Palm Powder (Trunk) - 7%
      • Cabbage (Leaves) - 4.5%
      • Guava (Flesh) - 3.5%
      • Kiwi Fruit (Flesh) - 1.7%
      • Green Pea - 1.3%
    • Wheat Fiber (Husk & Kernel) - 11%
    • Oat Bran (Husk) - 8%
    • Lemon Powder Flavor - 5%
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